Hey, my name is Ron Greenberg and
I am a Professional Photographer and Videographer.

Fine-Art Photography and Videography

My fascination with creating imagery began with TV News...

The year was 1983 and I had just moved to Norwich, NY.  Despite 2 degrees from Northeastern University, I always wanted to be on television.  I bought my first portable TV camera and recorder when they first became available.  I eventually became a News Stringer for WBNG-TV in Binghamton, NY.  My video career took off as folks sought my services for video production.  My career expanded into photography and having success in both areas led me to provide exceptional services.  I now offer this unique combination of talents to help our friends in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas.


Our photography services begin with high end photographic equipment including  Canon and Sony Cameras with a variety of specialized lenses.  We also have a selection of photographic backgrounds and supporting radio controlled strobe lights.  The specialized lenses and on camera lighting allows for great photos even with low external lighting.  On the average we supply 100 photos per hour.  What I have noticed is that anyone can take a photograph but knowing how to pose your subjects makes the difference in creating great photographs.  Lastly every photograph is processed through a program called, “Lightroom.”  This provides for the best combination of saturation, brightness, and contrast.  We also have years of experience with “Photoshop.” 

Let us put our more than 35 years of experience to work for you.


Videography is complicated.  It takes much more equipment, lighting, and effort to produce a successful program.  We use highend SONY cameras, wireless mics, and technology.  In addition we can capture your program in High Definition or Ultra High Definition (4K).  We edit with Avid Media Composers, the same system used by about 90% of the movies you watch on the big screen.  We can place talent anywhere with large green screen technology.  For specialized situations, we can provide a 48″ slider, DJI Ronin for cinematic production,  and Aerial video using our DJI and Yuneec Drones.

The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.  

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